OLCA - Jim Larson Scholarship Fund
Assisting Students in Oregon Realize their Potential

We Need your Support for the OLCA Scholarship Program
We know our landscape companies can't be prosperous without young people showing the initiative to learn, grow and enhance the landscape community including landscape contractors, maintenance companies and designers. That's why the Oregon Landscape Contractors Association rewards students for working towards their goals in the landscape related colleges.

Your support and contributions help the students who will become the next generation of landscape professionals achieve their dreams.

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Scholarships We Offer
OLCA awards up to 10 scholarships per year to students preparing for a career in the landscape profession. Awards ranging from $500 to $1,000 depending on criteria met are sponsored by individuals and OLCA members and distributed each academic year by June 15th. This is our way to support the next generation of landscape professionals. Applicants may be awarded more than one scholarship. Past recipients are encouraged to reapply as long as they continue their landscape related education.

How and when to apply
Scholarships are awarded by OLCA’s Scholarship review committee each spring by June 1st for the next scholastic year. Student scholarship applications are evaluated based on career interests, scholastic aptitude, and financial need. The next cycle of applications will open on March 1st. The scholarship funds can be applied to books and tuition.