OLCA Code of Ethics

As proud members of the Oregon Landscape Contractor’s Association, we conscientiously commit to the following codes of professional conduct for the following reasons:

Core Commitments

Commitment to Consumers

  • Conduct business in a professional manner.
  • Provide information based upon honest, scientific, accurate and factual knowledge.
  • Practice honesty in advertising, proposals, and representation of capabilities.

Commitment to our Environment

  • Protect and preserve our most valuable resource, the environment.
  • Operate in an environmentally safe manner.

Commitment to the Law

  • Adhere to all contractual obligations in essence and spirit.
  • Abide by all laws and regulations affecting the green industry and support the enforcement of these laws.

Commitment to Fellow Professionals

  • Deal fairly with subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Avoid making unfounded statements, which, in any way, might injure the professional reputation of another.
  • Refrain from recruiting other company’s employees during any OLCA sponsored event.

Commitment to the Association

  • Adhere to the by-laws of the Association.
  • Strive to participate in continuing education.
  • Strive to attain certification.

Commitment to Employees

  • Develop, promote and reinforce good safety practices throughout all phase of operation.
  • Encourage equal opportunities for all people in education and employment without regard to race, color, creed or national origin.
  • Respect colleagues and the endeavors of colleagues.
  • Offer employees a fair and safe working environment, educational possibilities and career opportunities.
  • Utilize sound professional management practices and encourage employees to respond to their peers in a respectful manner.