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OLCA strives to serve you, the landscape community in Oregon. Programs and services are established to create value for our membership. The values will vary between members, but there is no denying the value that OLCA brings to the Oregon landscape industry greatly exceeds the dues that members pay.
    • Find out how OLCA's member-only benefit program with ReviewSprout can enhance your marketing efforts. Click here for details.

    • Learn more about OLCA’s Legal Access program, a member only benefit.  Click here for details.

    • OLCA has teamed with long time partner - LaPorte & Associates to endorse the new Merit Contractors Alliance health insurance plan for its members.   Click here for details.

    • Landscape Fuel Management through Supervised Fuels. Supervised Fuels has a proven track record of helping OLCA members throughout the State of Oregon lower their total operating costs by providing comprehensive fuel management solutions.  Click here for details.
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