OLCA Member Endorsed Programs

In an effort to provide resources for our members, the OLCA Board of Directors may select a company/organization to be a part of the OLCA Endorsed Member Program. The company/organization’s proposal must complement the mission and purpose of the Oregon Landscape Contractors Association to be considered by the Board for an endorsement. Entities or Companies interested in forming a partnership with OLCA must demonstrate in writing the ways in which the program will be a benefit to OLCA Members. Participation and any subsequent membership with the company/organization are separate from OLCA and services are handled directly by the company/organization.

OLCA Member Endorsed Programs:

OLCA Member Endorsed Programs are established by a board vote and are renewed annually. Existing programs must demonstrate participation by and benefit to OLCA and justify the continuation of the relationship in writing. The board may determine to limit the number of endorsed programs.

Interested in becoming an OLCA Member Endorsed Program?  Contact Stacey Barrett, OLCA Association Manager, at 503.253.9091 or [email protected]