OLCA Endorsed Member Benefit
Full Service Digital Marketing with Everbearing Services

Everbearing Services is a full service digital marketing agency that supports the landscaping industry. We are focused on providing effective solutions that will allow our industry to grow and thrive.

While there are numerous definitions of “effective” we define this as meeting your business goals so that you can take your business where it needs to go. For most of our clients that means effective and consistent lead generation or client retention. Many of our clients can directly attribute between 15-30% of their new business to the services we have provided. This is well above the industry norm.

We believe that we are able to deliver these effective services because of our deep knowledge and experience within our industry. As an expression of our commitment to you we are providing a discount to all OLCA members. We have also committed to taking up to one 15 minute call each month at no charge from all OLCA members. This is to support you if you have any questions about on line marketing and/or traditional marketing. Give us a call so we can support you!

Everbearing Services provides the following services:

  • Web site design and build services
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)- Helping you gain desired visibility on line
  • Local SEO –Helping your company get visibility in your local area or a targeted service zone.
  • Social Media Management. We will create and manage posts for all of your social media platforms including:
    • FaceBook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Houzz-We are Houzz certified providers
  • E-mail Newsletters and Marketing – We are Constant Contact certified providers. Our team is fully trained on effective e-mail marketing techniques.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) –We can utilize tested techniques as well as implement testing to improve the engagement and response from your web site traffic.
  • Advertising-We manage on line as well as traditional marketing campaigns
  • Video –We can produce and edit video for your web site, social media as well as other distribution platforms.
  • Web site maintenance and security monitoring – We provide scheduled maintenance to protect your organization and clients from on line hackers and keep your web site working well.
  • Marketing plans-  We can work with you to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that fits your goals and budget.

About Everbearing Services:

We were founded in 2009 to support the horticultural industry. Our company primarily supports Landscaping companies, Garden Centers, plant wholesalers as well as other horticultural companies. We decided to focus on specific markets because we realized that we could improve results for our clients by gaining targeted experience in their market. We provide effective services by looking at your specific goals and budget to determine the most effective things your organization can do at your stage of business to generate the best results. We work with all sizes of businesses from upstart companies just entering the marketplace to well established regional and national enterprises. Contact us to day to find out how we can support your growth. Click here to contact us (use this link: http://www.everbearingservices.com/contact-us/)

Ron McCabe
Phone: 503-875-8364
Email: [email protected]