Horticulture Programs in Oregon

The following are Universities/Community Colleges that offer Horticulture/Landscape Certificate and Degree Programs to assist you in your career goals. For more information about opportunities awaiting you, contact the following schools:

Chemeketa Community College

Salem, OR
Certificate/ Degree Program(s): Horticulture Associate Degree

Clackamas Community College

Oregon City, OR
Certificate/ Degree Program(s): Horticulture Certificate, Horticulture Associates Degree, Landscape Practices Certificate, Landscape Management Associates Degree, Arboriculture Associates Degree, Irrigation Technician Certificate, Organic Farming Certificate, Plant Health Management Certificate and Horticulture OSU transfer Associate Degree.

Linn Benton Community College

Albany, OR
Certificate/ Degree Program(s): Horticulture Certificate, Horticulture Associates Degree

Portland Community College

Portland (Rock Creek)
971-722-7516 or 971-722-7231
Certificate/ Degree Program(s): 17 credit Landscape Certificate, 33 credit Landscape Certificate, 97 credit Landscape Technology AAS Degree, 91 credit Landscape Design AAS Degree, 94 credit Environmental Landscape Management Technology Degree
Contact: Jenn Peters: [email protected]

Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR
Certificate/ Degree Program(s): Horticulture Bachelor’s Degree, Horticulture Graduate Degrees, Undergraduate Certificate in Organic Farming Systems, Undergraduate Certificate in Urban Agriculture, Graduate Certificate in Organic Agriculture
Contact: Anne Gearhart, Head Advisor, Department of Horticulture, Email: [email protected]

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