Portland Regional Chapter Meeting Recordings

The 6 Key Drivers of Business Success

Presented by John Marshall, with Results-Driven Business Coaching
October 14, 2020
OLCA Zoom Platform

John Marshall is a thought leader, authority on small business, author, and keynote speaker. His motto is: ‘driven by results.’ That’s why he created Results Driven.

The idea for Results-Driven came when John Marshall traveled around the world. He had numerous in-depth conversations with fellow entrepreneurs that all had one common theme. Each business owner knew their company wasn’t reaching its full potential.

John’s vision was clear. Along with his business degree and experience at Procter & Gamble, he would create an innovative business coaching company. It would be designed to give entrepreneurs the creative tools and framework to achieve their company’s potential and ensure ongoing success.

Today, Results Driven helps clients in over 30 industries – including Landscape Professionals, achieve the results they deserve. Their proven coaching framework will shine a light on where you need to make changes, so you can finally reach your full potential.

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Making the Shift: Working ON vs. IN your business

Presented by Gavin D’Avanther with Livelihood NW
September  16, 2020
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