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OLCA Portland Regional Chapter Annual Golf Tournament
Friday, July 17, 2020, 6:30 AM PDT
Category: Portland Chapter

Registration for this event is now closed. 

Join us on July 17th for the OLCA Portland Regional Chapter Annual Golf Tournament!

July 17, 2020
Registration begins at 6:30 am, Tee Time is at 7:45 am.

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Golf Tournament Rules & General Information

Langdon has ordered cart split screens for the carts. All food and beverage will be served by a Langdon employee (all employees will be wearing masks).  

Golf Course Rules
Each person is prohibited from bringing their own alcohol to this event.  In the past there have been issues of attendees bringing their own alcohol, so if you do you will be asked to leave the course with no refund.  Also, we need to remember to represent ourselves as industry professionals and represent OLCA, ASLA and the OLCA Portland Regional Chapter accordingly.

Scramble Format
In the scramble format, each player tees off, and the best shot is chosen from all four drives.  Then, ALL members of the team hit from that spot. All succeeding shots are played in the same manner until the ball is holed out. One score is recorded for the team. The team must use each person's drive a MINIMUM of 2 times during the entire game. No one person's drive may be used more than 8 times. You MUST indicate whose drive was used on the score card.

Mulligans are available 2 for $10.00. There is a limit of 2 mulligans per person. Only 1 mulligan per team will be allowed on any shot during the hole. You must mark on your scorecard which holes mulligans were used, and by whom.  You may purchase mulligans at the registration desk.

Team Winners
Prizes will be awarded to the teams with the lowest gross and net scores.  Net scores will be determined by using the Peoria scoring system. The Peoria s System is a 1-day handicapping system which allows a “handicap allowance” to be determined and then applied to each team’s score.

Tie-Breaker Rules
Ties will be broken for first, second or third place net or gross using the USGA tie breaking method. In the case of a tie for first place, after determining the winning team, the losing team will go to second place position, and the current second place team will go to third place, and the third place team will not be eligible to win a prize. Teams can only win in the gross or net categories but not in both categories.

Threesome Rules
If your team is a threesome and not a foursome the following rules will apply:

  1. The team will still play 4 balls each hole.
  2. Members of the team will alternate in playing the fourth ball on each hole. For example, team member #1 will hit the tee shot and subsequent shots on the first hole the team plays until the hole is completed. On the next hole, team member #2 plays the extra ball until the hole is completed and then the next hole team member #3 does the same. On fourth hole the process is repeated and this pattern is continued until the round is finished.
  3. The team may purchase two mulligans for the fourth ball.
  4. The requirements for minimum and maximum drives will still be required for the fourth ball.
  5. The fourth ball will not be eligible for KP's, long drive or long putt contest.
  6. All other rules of the tournament shall apply.

Starting Hole Assignments
The number of your team is the hole number you will start on. If your team number also has a "B" that indicates your team will be the second team to tee off on that hole.

Dress Code
Traditional golf attire is required at all times. Men must have a shirt with sleeves and a distinct collar. No tank tops or tee shirts allowed. Ladies need to have either sleeves or a collar. Shorts of a mid-thigh length are allowed for both men and women, no cut-offs, swimwear or gym shorts. Shoes must have non-metal spikes or a flat soled tennis shoe.

Alcohol Accessibility
Participants in the OLCA Scramble may only consume alcohol that is supplied by Langdon Farms Golf Club through: (i) the clubhouse, (ii) Langdon Farm "beverage carts", or (iii) on-course event sponsors who acquire their alcohol through Langdon Farm Golf Club.  No other alcohol may be brought or consumed on the premises by individuals.  If this rule is violated the offending person will be asked by an OLCA or Langdon Farm Golf Club representative to leave the golf course immediately and the offending person shall comply with that direction.  Tournament fees are not refundable in this situation.

Individuals who are determined to be visibly intoxicated by an OLCA or Langdon Farm Golf Club representative will be asked to leave the golf course immediately and will be escorted to the club house by an OLCA representative.  In this situation, OLCA will ask the playing companions of the intoxicated individual to arrange transportation for the intoxicated individual to a destination as determined by them.  OLCA takes no responsibility for arranging off-site transportation for an intoxicated individual.

Damage to Facility or Equipment
As a condition of OLCA allowing an individual to participate in the OLCA Scramble, OLCA requires, and by participating in the event the Participant agrees: (i) that to the extent of participation damages Langdon Farm Golf Club facilities or equipment that participant causing damage by financially liable to Langdon Farm Golf Club for any and all damages caused by that individual, and (ii) that such individual shall indemnify, defend and hold OLCA harmless from any claim made against OLCA by Langdon Farm Golf Club for or related to such damage.  All golf cart drivers will be required to sign for the cart they are driving and assume the responsibility to keep the cart in good condition and free of damage.